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Syllabus For Polity
The syllabus here is meant only for Prelims & GS paper.
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Polity Syllabus for UPSC prelims & Mains
Below are the topics that you have to learn well to excel in Polity.
  • Indian Constitution: History,preamble, Borrowed Features, Amendments, Significant Articles & Basic Structure.
  • Constitution Features: Democratic, Republic, Secular, Federal.
  • Union and State Executive: powers, Responsibilities.
  • Power Seperation: Legislature, Executive, Judiciary.
  • Other Countries constitution: compare with our country.
  • Parliament and State legislature: Structure, Functioning.
  • Cabinet Committee and Parliamentary groups: Head, Responsibilities.
  • Important aspects of govt.: Transparency, Accountability.
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  • Representation of Peoples Act(1951): significance, provisions.
  • Appointment and Impeachment: Union and State Executive.
  • Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies: History, Head and Appointment.
  • Govt. policies, NGO , SHG, groups: Role, Issue.
  • Special Provision in Constitution: Minority, Special States, Jammu Kashmir.
  • Poverty, Health, Hunger: Schemes, Issue, Development.
  • Civil Services: Appointment, Role, Duty.
  • India and Neighborhood: Relation, Trade.
  • Important Organisations: History, Role, Aggrement, India's Position.
  • International Institutions: History, Role, India's position.
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