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Syllabus For Map
The syllabus here is meant only for Prelims & GS paper.
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Map Syllabus for UPSC prelims
Maps are one of very important topic that UPSC usually dig up in prelims exam.
Rule of Thumb: Prepare those areas, rivers, sea, dam & other thing that are in news or are disputed.
  • Political Map- Learn thoroughly different states, boundaries sharing, map position of famous cities.
  • Physical Map- Learn Rivers their right & left tributary & drainage area, Mountain ranges, Pleatue, Lakes, Soil, Island & coasts.
  • Economical Structure-Dam, Factories, Power plant, Pipeline, Industries.
  • National Park, Wildlife Sanctury & Biosphere Reserve & places with great flora & fauna.
  • Roadways- National Highway & linking Cities.
  • Neighbouring Countries(Especially SAARC,BIMSTEC,ASEAN Countries)
  • World:
  • Political Map-Countries in News, significant location.
  • Physical Map-Major Rivers, Pleatue, Mountain Range, Desert, Canal & other things.
  • upsc prelims demo question for map
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