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Syllabus For History
The syllabus here is meant only for Prelims & GS paper.
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History Syllabus for UPSC prelims
Below are the topics that you have to learn well to excel in History section of UPSC prelims.
Early cultures in India:Indus Civilization. Origins,Vedic society,Jainism and Buddhism, The Mauryan Empire, The Satavahanas,The Guptas and their successors (to c. 750 AD).
Medieval India begining: Major dynasties, the Chola Empire. Agrarian and political structures.
13th and 14th Centuries: Ghorian invasions, Delhi Sultanate under the Slave Rulers.
The 15th and early 16th Century : Major Provincial kingdom, Vijayanagara Empire, The Lodis, begining of Mughal Empire.
Mughal Empire fall: Reason behind fall, Maratha power under the Peshwas.
British expansion: The Carnatic Wars, Bengal Conquest, Anglo-maratha war, Early structure of British raj
Resistance to British rule : Early uprisings, The 1857 Revolt- causes, nature, course and consequences.
Indian Freedom struggle-the first phase: Growth of national consciousness, Formation of Associations, Establishment of the INC.
Gandhi and his thought: Gandhian techniques of mass mobilisation- Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience and Quit India Movement.
Separatist Trends in Indian nationalist politics:The Muslim League and the Hindu Mahasabha.
Indian independence to 1964: A parliamentary, secular, democratic (republic the 1950 Constitution).
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UPSC Mains GS 1(History Syllabus)
In GS paper I the questions are mainly from Indian culture, modern History(National Movement), world History.
Indian Culture :Literature, Art Forms,Architecture from ancient and modern times.
Modern Indian History: important events, people and history from mid-18th century till Independence.
Indian Freedom Struggle: movements, freedom fighters and contributions from different parts of the pre-independent India.
Post-independence: Reorganizations in country, policies.
History of the World: Events & its effect on the society from 18th century onwards like industrial revolution, colonization, redrawal of national boundaries, decolonization, political philosophies like communism, capitalism, socialism, world war etc.
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