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Syllabus For Geography
The syllabus here is meant only for Prelims & GS paper.
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Geography Syllabus for UPSC prelims
Below are the topics that you have to learn well to excel in Geography section of UPSC prelims.
Physical Geography: Geomorphology, Interior of the earth, rocks, Climatology, Temperature, Pressure belts, rainfall types.
Human Geography: Man and Environment Relationship, Population, distribution of world population, migration, population problems, economical activities.
Geography of the World: Major landforms, developing & developed countries regional geography.
Geography of India: Major landforms, minerals,climate, monsoon, population.
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Geography prelims demo question

UPSC Mains GS 1(Geography Syllabus)
Geography is part of GS paper I along with History , art & culture & society.
  • Distribution of natural resources across the world ,Industry location factor.
  • Important Catsatrophic phenomena affect & Mitigation: Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone
  • World physical geography(Including India): Geomorphology, climatology, oceanography, biogeography and environmental geography
  • Geomorphology : The interior of the earth, tectonics, physical phenomenon, mountain building, volcanoes, earthquakes, weathering & erosion, rocks, landforms
    Climatology : Atmosphere, temperature distribution, jet streams, pressure & wind systems, airmasses, fronts, cyclones, humidity, precipitation, geographical phenomenon, climatic regions of the world
    Oceanography : Ocean relief, temperature distribution, ocean currents, salinity, coral bleaching, marine pollution, sea level change, UN laws, etc.
    Biography : Soil profile, degradation, conservation), biotic regions, deforestation and conservation of forests, changes in critical geographical features, environmental pollution
    Most topics of Environment and Geography are similar.
    Geography mains demo question
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