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Syllabus For Art_culture
The syllabus here is meant only for Prelims & GS paper.
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Art and Culture Syllabus for UPSC prelims & Mains
Indian Art and Culture includes main three types (Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Literary Arts), and you have to be thorough in all three to maximize your scoring.
  • Performing Arts: Dance(Includes Different Classical dance & regional dance forms), Music(It includes Hindustani, carnatic & Regional), Theater ,Cinema and Puppets.
  • Visual Arts: Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting.
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  • Literary arts: It includes Puranas, Vedas, Sanskrit Literature, Pali and Prakrit Literature, Dravidian Literature, Bhakti Movement , Modern Indian Literature, Nationalist Literature, Dalit Literature, Mythological Literature, Indian Romantic literature.
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