Who is Chief Whip in the parliament. Different types of whips issued by the chief whip and its connection to ADL(Anti-Defection-Law) for UPSC CSE mains and prelims.
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In this article, we will discuss know about the chief whip and their functions also we will discuss the different type of whips issued by the chief whip.

Who is chief whip?

  • Chief Whip is the floor manager of the party.
  • Inform MPs of their party about the session of parliament.
  • Informs MPs when bills are taken out of the discussion.
  • On which bill the MPs of their respective party will have to vote.
  • Every party has Cheif Whips in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
  • They manage the MPs of their party and send directives to their MPs.

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Types of Whips issued by Chief Whip

There are 3 types of Whips issued by cheif whip

  • 1-line whip: These whips send directives to MPs to present in Lok Sabha.
  • 2-line whip: This whip tells that a particular bill will be taken and your participation is required.
  • 3-line whip: It tells on which day Lok sabha is convened.
  • 3-line whip:Tells which bill or resolution is taken up for voting
  • 3-line whip: Tells whether you have to vote in favor or against the bill/resolution.

If anyone will violate this 3rd line(last point) whip they can come under ADL (Anti-Defection Law)and can be disqualified.

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  • It was added to our constitution in 1985 under the 10th schedule of the Indian Constitution.
  • It states that if any MP/MLA/MLC joins another political party or he/she violates 3-line whip, they will be disqualified under ADL.

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