Know how the meeting of Indian PM with President of Cyprus is anti-Turkish stance and why it was needed for UPSC CSE/IAS prelims and mains

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Recently PM Modi meets with President of Cyprus. In this article, we shall discuss the history of Cyprus and the importance of the meeting between Indian PM and the President of Cyprus.

About Cyprus and History of Cyprus

  • Cyprus is an island present in the Mediterranean Sea and its capital is Nicosia.
  • The people of their country have their origin with Greece and they call themselves Cypriot.
  • Cyprus has been part of many Empires and it had also been part of Persia. Note that in 45 AD Christianity was introduced to Cyprus.
  • Then after in 1571 the Ottoman empires arrived in Cyprus and ruled for approx 300 years.
  • During the Ottoman empire, the people from Turkey migrated to Cyprus in large number which results in huge demographic changes in Cyprus.
  • Due to migration, the numbers of Muslims were increased and they marked their presence in Cyprus.
  • In 1878 the Ottoman Empire handed the control of Cyprus to Britain.

Independence and story after Independence of Cyprus

  • During World War I Britain and Ottoman Empire were against each other and at that time Britain Claims that Cyprus is their colony and they will rule there. Cyprus became a British Crown colony in 1923
  • The native of Cyprus revolt against British rule and finally they got independence in 1960. However, some military bases are still present in Cyprus.
  • Archbishop Makarios became the first president after the Independence of Cyprus from Britain.
  • The Muslim Turkish population felt that the Christians population are discriminating against them and they started riots against the government of Cyprus.
  • The riots of Cyprus has turned into Civil war and taking advantage of conditions of Cyprus and Turkey tries to grab control over them.
  • In this situation, Greece came to help Cyprus which results in to increase in conflict between Turkey and Greece.
  • The UN intervenes in this matter and said that this issue is to be solved peacefully. However, by that time Turkey had captured a huge part of Cyprus and marked that region as a separate country. However, most of the major countries of the world don't consider this part as a separate country and this region is part of Cyprus.
  • But the reality is the Cyrus is not able to gain control over its whole island.

Why this meeting?

  • Turkey is one of the countries which has very close relations with Pakistan.
  • From the last 10 years, the relations between Pakistan and Turkey have increased significantly, especially the military engagement of these countries has been also increased.
  • Turkey has always given huge diplomatic support on the matter of Kashmir and recently during the UN General Assembly opening session Turkish President favored Pakistan on Kashmir issue.
  • In this meeting, India assures support for Cyprus's territorial integrity.
  • India firms up this move due to closeness of Turkey with Pakistan and the outcome of this meeting is marked as an Anti-Turkish stance.

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