The delimitation process to start in Jammu&Kashmir. Know about the delimitation process and about delimitation commission for Prelims and mains GS paper II.
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Recently Election Commission holds a meeting on fresh delimitation exercise under the new Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act.

What is delimitation and how is it performed?

  • The delimitation is an act of establishing the assembly constituencies through the process of fixing limits and territorial boundaries.
  • It ensures that in each assembly constituencies the average number of the voters remains the same approximately.
  • This process is done by dividing the population estimate of the state or union territories(data of the latest census) to the number of seats that have been allocated to the legislative assembly.

About Delimitation Commission

  • To carry out delimitation exercise a high power body is established, such a body is known as the Delimitation Commission or Boundary Commission.
  • The final order of such a delimitation commission has the force of law and cannot be questioned in any court.
  • For the sake of debate, the copies of the order will be discussed in Lok Sabha and respective legislative assembly. But they cannot modify the final order of delimitation commission.
  • The order of delimitation commission is implemented from the date that is fixed by the President of India.
  • The delimitation commission can be set by passing an Act in the parliament. In India 4 such an act has been passed.

The act passed to setup delimitation Commission in India are

  • The delimitation Commission Act 1952(in 1952)
  • The delimitation Commission Act 1962(in 1963)
  • The delimitation Commission Act 1972(in 1973)
  • The delimitation Commission Act 2002(in 2002)

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