The entry of ISIS-K in Afghanistan and the key difference between ISIS and the Taliban for UPSC CSE/IAS prelims and mains.

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The Present News

The branch of the Islamic State in Afghanistan which is known as ISIS-(Khorasan)K takes responsibility for a major terror attack that took place on Saturday in Afghanistan.

In this context let's look at the key difference between the Taliban and ISIS.

  • ISIS-K: It is a branch of ISIS which is active in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

About the Taliban and entry of ISIS-K.

  • Taliban Controls about 65% of Afghanistan territory and nearly 52% of its population.
  • US President Trump initiated a peace process with the Taliban using Pakistan and Qatar as a mediator(which is still going on).
  • Trump-appointed Zalmay Khalilzad to lead the negotiations of the US with the leaders of the Taliban.
  • In the middle of the process of negotiations, a new outfit joins the party names ISIS-K.
  • Today, ISIS-K emerged as a significant player in Afghanistan and today it influences over 12% of Afgan Territory.

The key differences between the Taliban and the Islamic state.

  • The main objective of the Taliban is to rule over Pashtun Tribal areas of Af-Pak and implement a strict Sharia law whereas the objective of ISIS is looking to establish an Islamic Caliphate which spans across Middle-East, North Africa and Asia.
  • The ideology of both outfits is Radical Wahabbism and Salafism. But the radicalism of ISIS is much more than Taliban.
  • The target of the Taliban is Afgan Govt forces and western forces especially forces of the US that are deployed in Afghanistan whereas the ISIS target anyone who opposes their ideology and objectives.
  • The Taliban acts more like an insurgent outfit whereas ISIS is clearly a terrorist organization.
  • The Taliban recruit their members largely from Afghanistan whereas the ISIS  has acquired the global reach by using social media.

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