Effect of extensive use of mobile phones on the intellectual capacities of human

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Username Mansi Bhandari
on 18/06/2020

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Role of modern gadgets- Modern gadgets are everywhere. every human is glued to his smartphone nowadays, even children are addicted to it.  a person can spend a whole day without food and water but he cannot spend it without his mobile phone, this is the reality of today's life. the upcoming generation cannot think of spending without their smartphones.

Positive Impacts- smartphones are very much useful, they make out lives easier compared to the past generation. whatever we need is there in our one hand, just a scroll away. we can easily access a lot of knowledge, puzzles, entertainment that we couldn't imagine. we can contact with our loved ones who are far away from us. 

Negative Impacts-  if not use in moderation then it can devastate your life. many people are addicted to certain apps or games, e.g blue whale, which causes many suicides. it affects our eyes also. our concentration power reduces, and we cant read a whole book without taking breaks. we don't control our smartphones, they do. 

Conclusion- with a lot of benefits, it carries so many negative points. we should know where to use it effectively and efficiently. if there's no need, then we should b able to avoid their uses. it can save our entry by making us much lousier.

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