Why the Krishna wildlife sanctuary has been expanded? Know about National Board for Wildlife NBWL and its functions for UPSC CSE prelims and mains.

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The present Context

The National Board for Wildlife(NBWL) has approved the expansion of Krishna Wildlife sanctuary, compensating the land being diverted for setting up a Missile Test launch facility for the DRDO.

In this context let's look at the key points about the National Board for Wildlife.

About NBWL

  • It is a "Statutory Organisation" that has been set up under the Wildlife Protection Act,1972. Statutory Organisation: It means that the formation of this body is not mentioned in the constitution)"
  • It is chaired by Prime Minister of India.
  • It constitutes 47 members which include MPs from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, representatives of NGOs, ecologists, environmentalists and government Secretaries of various departments, Director General of forests, etc.

Functions of National Board for Wildlife

  • Its function is to advise the Central government in the matters related to India's conservation of wildlife.
  • It also promotes the conservation and development of the forest.
  • It controls the alteration of boundaries in National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
  • It is the highest decision-making body with regard to the management of the protected area in India.
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