Know what happens if an individual will be excluded from the final list of NRC for UPSC CSE/IAS prelims and mains

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The final NRC list is to be published on 31-Aug-2019. Let's look at what happens when an individual will be excluded from the final list of NRC. For those who are new to our website, we are have summarised the concept of NRC below. You can CLICK HERE to read the full article on NRC.

THE NRC(National Register of citizens)

  • This exercise aims to distinguish between genuine Indians and illegal migrants.
  • This was first conducted after the 1951 census but was never completed.

From where the illegal migrants came from?

  • In 1947 the first batch of migrants enters to Assam during partition.
  • During 1969-1971 there was a massive influx of refugees in Assam.
  • Bengali minorities in East Pakistan(Now Bangladesh) were torched by the Pak army. So most of them refuse in the neighboring state of Assam.
  • After 1971, when Bangladesh became the independent country we have again witnessed a constant influx of illegal migrants in the state of Assam.

What happens when an individual will be excluded from the final list of NRC.

  • Those you are excluded, they will be given a period of 120 days to file an appeal in front of the foreign tribunal. Regarding this government is planning to increase the foreign tribunals from 100 to 1000.
  • The foreign tribunal will be given a duration of 6 months to verify and decide the results of these cases.
  • So in total, those who have been excluded will be given a duration of 10 months to prove their citizenship.
  • Even after this if they are not satisfied with the result they approach the High Court and Supreme court.
  • After all this procedure, those who have been declared foreigners will be sent into a foreign detention center.

How an individual will prove himself Indian.

  • The individual has to prove that either he or any of his ancestors has entered India before midnight of 24th March 1971.
  • This can be done by providing any of the 12 documents as prescribed by the NRC or he has to prove that the name of his ancestor can be found in legacy data.
  • Legacy data is the combination of NRC which was updated in 1951 and the voter list which was  updated until 24th march 1971.

Hope it helps.

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