Code of Conduct for MPs and MLA
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on 11/08/2019

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Code of Conduct for MPs and MLA


  1. Increasing hate speeches, personal attacks, assert supiriority over others.
  1. to ensure civility in political speeches and expressions, establishing code of conduct for politicians is mandatory.
  2. Creating rukus in parliament, disrupting house


  1. Prohibit mp from misusing powers
  2. Should avoid conflicts in public and private interest
  3. Amend constitution to ensure 110 days sitting of legislature with more than100 members.

90-50 days of sitting in Houses with less than 100 members depending on the size of the State involved.


A code for Union ministers was adopted in 1964, states were advised to adapt too

Adapted for judges of SC and HC by the chief justice conference in 1999, also recommended judges to maintain "aloofness" around in personal and private life