Know why NGT has directed to Central Pollution Control Board to regulate the import of waste tyres for UPSC CSE?IAS prelims and mains

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on 22/09/2019

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The National Green Tribunal(NGT) has directed the Central Pollution Control Board to regulate the import of waste tyres, which are used in the pyrolysis industry. In this article, we shall discuss why the NGT has taken this step and how pyrolysis affects our environment.

Why NGT has taken this step?

  • It is a global trend that developed countries dumped their hazardous waste to developing countries to ensure that their grounds are not dumped by hazardous waste.
  • This process has made developing countries as a dump yard for hazardous waste materials.
  • However, India has very strict regulations and has banned the import of hazardous waste (as well as electronic waste) from developed countries. Note that these steps are taken by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.
  • Despite having such strict regulations the import of waste tyres has continued and has turned India as a dumping yard for waste tyres.

How these tyres are hazardous?

  • These tyres are used in pyrolysis industries which releases a variety of toxic gases in the environment which also affect the health of the workers.
  • In pyrolysis, waste material is thermally decomposed by heating it on high temperature and in an inert environment.
  • The waste material is broken down into smaller molecule of carbon and can be used as low carbon fuel.

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