How to read the newspaper and make notes from it for UPSC CSE/IAS prelims and mains

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on 01/09/2019

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As we know reading newspaper plays a vital role in our preparation for UPSC/CSE examination. In this article, we will discuss how to read newspaper effectively and how to make notes from the newspaper.

Tips for reading newspaper effectively

  • "THE HINDU" is not just an important newspaper but a compulsory newspaper in order to crack this exam. We can say that without reading this newspaper cracking UPSC is almost impossible.
  • You can get DAILY HINDU NEWSPAPER from our website.
  • Take an overview of the newspaper and maks all the topics which are related to your syllabus.
  • Try to search the current affairs that are connected to the static topic. Ex: You can connect freedom of speech and expression(static part) to the recent resignation of the IAS officer(current topic). These topics are very important.
  • Ignore purely political news, celebrity-related news, and local news.
  • Try to note down the news of social issues and challenges that our society is facing. These topics can be very important in Essay Paper as well as in your GS paper. Ex: The issue of Triple Talaq.
  • The selection words and the expression matter a lot in mains paper. So try to make notes in own words but you must highlight and underline the keywords from the topic of the newspaper.
  •  The editorials page is very important as they contain opinions and analysis on various subject by the person who know that particular field very well. If you do not agree with the opinion and analysis of the author just ask yourself why you are not agreed. Try to connect your disagreement with the actual fact that you have read somewhere. Try to create your own opinion having better facts and figures.
  • The time duration of this process should not exceed 90 mins as you may have to cover other topics and subjects too.
  • Do this process every day. As these topics are updated every day and no one knows what UPSC is going to ask you. So don't skip it. Even not for a single day.
  • Revision plays an important role in any type of notes making. So revise these things regularly.

Hope it helps.

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