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The denomination, “Cyberwarfare” is used for the exercise of computer technology to upset the activities of a state or an organization. It includes attacks on a government and comparable harm to actual warfare. In an IANS interview (2017), General Hooda says India is not quite prepared for cyberwarfare.

“Cyberwarfare will threaten two things we hold very dear – Freedom and Internet” –EPW magazine.


Crucially, matters concerning national security such as network data and monitoring for national security and responses to combat cyber threats appeared to be the prime targets.

1. Government Threats: The entire nation is now using cyber skills to infiltrate governments and perform cyber-attacks.

Pakistani Hackers compromised 10 Indian websites which included National Aeronautics, Army Institute of Management and Technology, Defense Institute of Advanced Technology and Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences.

2. loT Attacks: The devices connected to the Internet are vulnerable to cyber invasions. The huge amount of insightful data can be hacked.

Last year, reports emerged in Australia that the entire design plans that reveal the capability of India’s scorpene submarine fleet were leaked. More than 22,000 pages of the plan had leaked.

Indian Armed Forces units including the Indian Air Force Station at Vadodara, Indian Army’s 21 Mountain Brigade as well as the Military Engineer Service have been prone to cyber-attacks originating primarily from China.


Simple ways to prevent them are to train the employees with cyber security principles, control physical access to your network components and regularly change passwords.

After Modi’s visit to Berlin and Madrid, India is all set to enter a cybersecurity partnership with Germany and Spain. India is currently in dialogue with 15 nations to fight cyber crime.

The defense ministry has announced setting up of two separate units to handle space and cyber warfare as a step to counter new age threats. A cyberwarfare center is expected to come up in Bengaluru.

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