As a beginner how one should start preparing for UPSC CSE to ace it in first attempt

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It is the nationwide competitive exam conducted for recruitment to various civil services of Govt. of India, including IAS, IFS, IPS. Yearly, lakhs of students appear for this examination and the success rate of this exam is only 0.1%. But still many people have cleared this exam in very first attempt. So, in order to crack this examination, we need to plan our preparation in a much efficient manner. In this post, we will talk about how to plan and from where to start our journey for this examination.

From where to start?

  • The first thing to start with go through your entire syllabus.
  • The exam has a very vast syllabus. Start your prepartion as soon as possible.
  • The first thing to start with your preparation is to start with NCERTs( from 6th to 12). Especially if you don't belong from an arts background. This will clear your basic concepts.
  • Read the newspapers like "THE HINDU(prefferable)" or "THE INDIAN EXPRESS(you will find the language much easier than THE HINDU" or both(if you have enough time). Also, try to make short notes on them.
  • Study only that topic which are is relevant to this exam. (thats why knowing your syllabus is important)
  • After completion of NCERTs follow lists of standards books that I will publish soon.
  • Give a mock test of both prelims and mains. After writing the mains mock test don't analyze it by self(discuss your mains paper with your friends).
  • Develop your writting skills. Use a flowchart and diagram in your answer sheet.
  • Revise all the topics regulary. During revision make mindmap to enhance your memory.
  • It is true that all subjects are equally important but some subjects are going to help you a lot in PI which is polity(also help in essay paper) and economics, because a lot of questions in PI are asked from current affairs and it is easy to connect the topics with the topics of these subjects. 

Tips to follow during preparation

  • Do regular meditations and exercise to refresh yourself.
  • To manage your time effectively stay away from negative people, develop a routine and be loyal towards your work.
  • Most important tip: During the time of preparation, there will a stage come when you realize that "I can not crack this exam, this exam is not for me", but believe me even the topper gets this type of feeling. So don't give up. Ask yourself why you are doing this if the reason is strong, no one in this world can stop you from cracking this exam with good rank without coaching.
  • Be confident, be positive, keep calm, "keep your energy on top"  and you can do it.

Hope it helped you!

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