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Let us make you more comfortable, so that you can enjoy this journey even more. Yess!!! we too are UPSC Aspirants.

But then what are we doing here?

well, We belong to such a location where coaching is a far off dream, but with the fast growing internet world nothing is out of reach. Infact, every single information about CIVIL service examination is available for you on internet but in a scattered manner. There's no particular platform which can provide you with all the relevant information and study material at one place. For study material we have to dig one site, for newspaper we have to dig another site, then for current affairs another one and for lessons on different topic we have to dig again another one, so this cumbersome problem has to be solved, and here we are with solution.

With we try to reach every aspirant through the medium of internet and provide equal opportunity for their dreams to come true. The main aim of our platform is to serve you quality content with quantity, so that you can choose yourself what is best for you.

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